Consent and data compliance platform for eCommerce stores

Achieve legal compliance without leaving your marketing team in the dark

Conseno helps eCommerce businesses automate and maintain legal requirements while providing the privacy-safe data needed to make informed decisions.

Consent banner · Consent analytics · Daily compliance monitoring · Enhanced conversions · Consent Mode

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What should you remember from a compliance and legal standpoint?

GDPR · CCPA/CPRA · Local regulations · DMA · ePrivacy

Consider the following points when choosing a consent and data compliance platform for your eCommerce store.

Compliance & legal standpoint

Manage various data-collecting services and technologies, not just cookies

Without Conseno: You primarily monitored and managed cookies to achieve compliance, focusing on a limited aspect of privacy regulations.

With Conseno: You automatically monitor and manage a broad spectrum of data-collecting services and technologies — from local storage to 3rd party requests, not just cookies. You recognize that cookies are just one piece of the puzzle to meet the requirements.

Consent banner · Extensive list of technologies

Conseno - data-collecting services, technologies and related risks

Compliance & legal standpoint

Automatically identify data-collecting services, technologies, and related risks

Without Conseno: You spent a lot time manually researching which services, scripts, or technologies were responsible for generating each cookie, often without clear answers.

With Conseno: You automatically identify which services, scripts, or technologies generate each cookie, storage item, or 3rd party request and understand the associated risks. This is done daily, not once or monthly.

Daily compliance checks · Identify changes & risks

Compliance & legal standpoint

Automatically categorize and generate descriptions for identified technologies

Without Conseno: You manually researched, categorized, and described each data-collecting service and technology, often writing descriptions by hand.

With Conseno: You automatically categorize each data-collecting service and technology, and generate descriptive texts in multiple languages for each. This improves the accuracy of your compliance efforts.

Automatic categorisation · Automatic descriptions


What should you remember from a marketing and analytics standpoint?

Consent analytics · Revenue impact · Enhanced conversions · Location-based consent · Seamless integration with GTM

Consider the following points when choosing a consent and data compliance platform for your eCommerce store.

Marketing & analytics standpoint

Monitor the real impact of consent on your marketing & analytics data

Without Conseno: You lacked a clear understanding of how consent decisions affected your marketing and analytics data, making informed decision-making and ROAS calculations much more challenging.

With Conseno: You gain a clear understanding of how consent decisions affect your marketing and analytics data, including insights into the data you miss due to denied or ignored consent, all in a privacy-safe way.

Consent analytics · Impact to your revenue

Google Consent Mode, Microsoft Consent Mode, Meta Consent

Marketing & analytics standpoint

Meet the requirements set by Google, Meta and Microsoft in the EU and UK

Without Conseno: Your eCommerce remarketing and data collection for website visitors in the EEA (EU and UK) faced limitations due to the restrictions imposed by Google, Meta, and Microsoft under the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

With Conseno: You meet advertising platform requirements by obtaining consent from your eCommerce visitors, thus enabling effective remarketing and data collection within the EEA using Consent Mode effectively.

Google Consent Mode · Microsoft Consent Mode · Meta Consent

Does your website meet the minimum requirements?

It’s time to reveal which cookies and other sweets you’ve been sweeping under the rug.

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Meet the key people behind Conseno

Taavi Kalvi

Engineering Lead, Co-Founder

10+ years of hands-on technical experience in the data & web analytics industry.


Andres Ruul

Growth Strategist, Co-Founder

10+ years of hands-on experience in the in B2B sales and digital marketing industry.

Want to know why and how Conseno was founded? Read our origin story.

Got questions?
Well, we’ve got answers

Yes, you can customize the layout, text, colors, buttons, and much more based on your brand design and personal preferences. Using any of our ready-made templates speeds up the process of creating your unique consent banner.

Additionally, you have the option to customize the CSS. However, we currently do not allow modifications to the HTML structure of the consent banner.

If you need help with the technical setup or implementation of Conseno, please let us know (, and we’ll do our best to assist you. If the assistance involves a significant amount of work related to your website or Google Tag Manager configuration, we may provide this service for an additional cost or recommend you one of our trusted partners.

Yes, you can manage multiple domains within a single Conseno account. You can use the same banner configuration and design for all these domains. Also, you can activate cross-domain consent sharing, which allows your visitors to give their consent once for all your domains, removing the need for separate consent actions for each domain.

Yes, you can. There’s no limit on the number of team members you can grant access to your organization’s account. This extends to allowing access for your agency or external consultant as well. We won’t charge you for adding extra users to your organization’s account.

Yes, you have the option to select from pre-existing consent banner texts available in various languages. Additionally, you can input your own custom text in any language according to your preferences. You can auto-translate your text into 50+ different languages to speed up the setup process.

Yes, you have the ability to share visitors’ consents across multiple subdomains (such as and and domains (such as and This feature enables a seamless user experience and minimizes the frequency of consent banner displays.

Conseno collects your visitors’ anonymized (masked) IP addresses to determine their location (country), enabling us to display the legally appropriate consent banner or choose not to show it at all. Additionally, we collect the number of pageviews,  anonymized referrer data and maintain a consent log for legal compliance.

Our in-built scanner will scan your website and identify all cookies, localStorage items, sessionStorage items, 3rd party requests and more. With the help of our database of tracking technologies and services, the scanner will categorize tracking technologies and services automatically for you and the results are made privately available to you. We scan your website daily. Your regular scanning data will be stored in the EU and won’t be shared with anyone publicly.

No. We don’t charge you based on the number of pages you have in your eCommerce store.

No. All of your subdomains are included in all plans without extra cost. For example, if you add a main domain (eg:, then all subdomains (e.g:,, will also be included in your plan without any extra cost.

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