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Our origin story & key people

We are a team of analytics and compliance nerds.

How Conseno came to be

Our origin story

Over the past couple of years, while providing analytics consulting for our clients, we’ve taken a deep dive into the world of data compliance, completing lots of consent and data compliance audits for EU-based eCommerce stores.

So, what have we discovered?

Alarming results: Most of these eCommerce stores were not legally compliant, even though many of them had a consent banner installed on their website.

This reveals a common problem in the eCommerce space: the belief that adding a consent banner to a website alone automatically ensures compliance.

It’s not true. It’s a misconception.

It’s like buying insurance that doesn’t cover your actual risks – it looks protective but misses the crucial part. Similarly, a consent banner alone, without clear data protection controls and regular monitoring, doesn’t ensure real compliance.

But understanding the specifics of which data you need to protect and how to manage various tracking technologies for legal compliance can be complex, especially for those unfamiliar with the technical nuances.

Any misstep could result in bad press, privacy fines and loss of trust from your customers.

And let’s be honest, most existing consent and data compliance tools fall short for eCommerce needs.

They’re confusing to set up, time-consuming to maintain, and struggle to integrate with eCommerce platforms and tools like Google Tag Manager. They are more like a hassle than a help.

Moreover, many consent and data privacy tools only cover a fraction of the technologies you need to deal with – cookies (think of all the providers and plugins with “cookie-something” in their name).

But privacy regulations expect you to manage all kinds of technologies and methods that 3rd party tools use to identify visitors – from local storage to 3rd party requests – not only cookies.

Cookies are just one small piece of the puzzle.

That’s where Conseno comes into play.

We’re not just building another “cookie banner” plugin that gives you a false sense of compliance or only solves a fraction of the problem.

Our goal is to truly help you understand, consistently monitor and manage consent and data compliance across a wide spectrum of technologies and methods – cookies, local storage, session storage, fingerprinting, 3rd party requests, and more.

We’ll take into account the entire context and make it hassle-free for you. We’ll turn your consent and data privacy management into an automated system you can plug in and handle, without it consuming days or weeks. You have important work to do – you shouldn’t have to spend countless hours every month dealing with confusing data compliance issues.

We’re here to ensure that when you collect data from your website, it’s done the right way, keeping you off the radar of National Data Protection Authorities and protecting you from damaging headlines and hefty fines.

Now, let’s address a key concern you might have: the possibility that achieving compliance could significantly limit your marketing team’s access to valuable data, potentially making informed decision-making much more challenging.

Don’t worry.

We provide you clarity and insights. We’ll show you the real impact of consent on your marketing and analytics, breaking it down by channel, country, device type and revenue – all in a privacy-safe way.

At the end of the day, Conseno is about giving eCommerce businesses peace of mind. With the ever-increasing privacy regulations, focusing on consumer privacy is becoming more important than ever. Rest assured, we’re here to guide you through these changes.

Let’s make data privacy management something you can be proud of, not scared of.

Meet the key people

Founders of Conseno

Taavi Kalvi

Engineering Lead, Co-Founder

10+ years of hands-on technical experience in the data & web analytics industry.


Andres Ruul

Growth Strategist, Co-Founder

10+ years of hands-on experience in the in B2B sales and digital marketing industry.

P.S. We’re hiring. If you’re interested in joining our fully-remote team, take a look at our careers page.

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